Established in 1988, Tecnovac began manufacturing packaging machines for food products. Over time it managed to carve out an important role in the packaging world, producing all-round packaging machines for a wide range of products including food, industrial and pharmaceutical products. Offering a wide range of modern innovative machines, Tecnovac designs and manufactures packaging machines in accordance with the highest quality standards. High customer satisfaction is the best proof of our reliability; we are a dependable company, working rigorously to meet delivery times and thus earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. A wealth of solid and well structured expertise enables us to complete increasing complex and highly flexible projects, in the name of functionality and quality excellence



Our mission can be easily summarised into three concepts: Expertise, Reliability, Evolution. Expertise: The extensive expertise of the Tecnovac team enables us to provide practical and functional solutions that meet the needs of each individual customers, through an in-depth study of each project we our able to meet our sole objective, that is, satisfying our customers' expectations. Reliability: Over time the reliability of our machines has enabled us to retain our existing customers and acquire new ones thus expanding Tecnovac on a global scale. Evolution: Targeted investments and the ability to transform customer feedback and requirements into action has led to the continuous evolution of our products. Every endeavour is aimed at improving the product supplied in relation to its productivity yield, ease of use and durability over time. These factors have led Tecnovac to achieve high quality results.



Every Tecnovac machine is conceived, designed, built and tested by our staff, who are aware that only careful monitoring of the supply chain can ensure excellent standards of quality. Machine production is solely "Made in Italy", assembly areas are divided according to functional logic and aimed at achieving maximum specialisation. Continuous investments in increasingly innovative production methods enable us to satisfy almost any specific requirement, from the simplest to the most complex customised machine lines.


after sales service

While reliability is one of Tecnovac's strengths, after sales service is specifically structured to ensure timely and targeted support. We guarantee the rapid solution to any problem, providing maximum effectiveness, whether it be over the phone or the direct intervention of our specialised technicians. The supply of original spare parts is quick and easy. Tecnovac's key objective is to never keep a customer floundering!


research and development

Innovation and technological development are continuously moving forward, this occurs on two fronts, firstly, the increasingly sophisticated research for new packaging technologies and secondly, the ability of our team of engineers and technical designers to continuously create real technological solutions aimed at satisfying even the most diverse customer requirements. Our winning trait is knowing how to listen!