As Tecnovac’s steadfast core-business, the automatic traysealers for medium production have always been standard-setting in the preformed tray packaging market.




These machines, renowned for their incredible longevity, are designed to last in aggressive environments and operate continuously over several shifts.

The simple and intuitive interface, combined with basic maintenance, make it the best choice for the majority of end users.


The automatic sealing machine model Athena is capable of packaging in modified atmosphere any combination of compatible trays and top film studied for such applications.

Athena Dual Drive

The automatic sealing machine model Athena Double is the double chamber version which can have two identical moulds to double productivity.

Athena VG LID

Athena LID

Athena LID is essentially a combination of our best selling traysealer with an automatic lidding system developed internally by us. It achieves total reliability and precision.