This technology involves modifying the composition of the gases inside a package for the purpose of improving preservation and extending the shelf life of the food contained in it.

All of these gases are commonly found in the air that we breathe; it is therefore simply changing the quantity of these gases based on what type of food is being preserved.

This process generally reduces the amount of oxygen, the main cause of oxidation, replacing it with inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Modified Atmosphere (MAP), also called gas vacuum, must not be confused with gas flushing or gas flush; in fact, with vacuum an oxygen residue of 0.01% is achieved, whereas a simple flush cannot achieve less than 1%.

For the last 30 years, 90% of the machines sold by Tecnovac are based on this technology, which is improved and optimised in terms of time and reliability.

Tecnovac collaborates with various food gas suppliers in Italy and abroad to offer its customers precise and targeted consultancy based on the various needs.


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